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Saturday, March 14, 2009


I feel like my energy level has been down a bit this winter. I guess I’ve been grieving after the loss of my almost twelve year companion, Carson.

Me & Carson Baja Mexico 2-2005
Now that Spring has arrived, well maybe not officially but soon, I’m feeling a slow creeping of energy returning. A restlessness.

Energy is neutral. How it is controlled and directed makes it creative or destructive, harmful or healing. No energy can be entirely destroyed, only changed into a different form.

Time for me to focus my energy in a positive way.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said Gaelyn. We can go just about anywhere with our energy as long as we believe in our selves to get us there.

That's a beautiful picture of you with Carson. He is a happy dog for sure.

Maria said...

I also love the picture and your words! And what a wonderful dog!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I think most people feel like this during the winter especially this last bit. Cheer up, spring will soon be here in full force. Here or morning are getting misty and cool as we go into winter.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

great post...and i understand about the grieving. i am still in that mode, 5 months later after losing Lion ^..^ some days it just overcomes me. she was with me 19.5 years.

have a wonderful sunday.


Amanda said...

What a wonderful portrait!! I am feeling the same way, in fact last night I was watching the logs burning in the fireplace and marveling at how the long dead wood can still give off energy.
I feel the excitement of spring on the cusp and search for signs of it everywhere. And am finding it!!

Elizabeth said...

It's a dreary Sunday in the Mid-Atlantic region, and I am reminded of dear Tim, passing at 13 years old, about two years ago. No one could ever replace him, and we have chosen to not go back to the SPCA until our very ancient cat, Georgia, moves on, as she has been quite sick lately, and we don't want to stress her too much. But a new companion is looking likely within the year. Sorry Carson is gone, but it must be nice to reflect upon the joy he brought.

Maria said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have my first dog, D'Ora now for nearly 5 years and I begin to realize what a good companion a dog can be. She loves to hike with us, and so our pleasure is doubled on our tours.
The statue in Stadtpark is one of four representing the seasons, this on is Spring.
All the best wishes, Maria.

Diane C. said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Carson, both of you enjoying the moment. Your post has me thinking about energy. I'm not familiar with that restless feeling that you mentioned. But if anyone knows how to focus energy positively and creatively, it's you.

Arija said...

I have been wondering how you are getting on on your own. My thoughts have strayed your way quite often. The loss of a wonderful long time companion is not something one gets over in a hurry.
I wish you well and, since one cannot replace that which is no more, I wish you some wise canine who irresistably adopts you.

Janie said...

Great photo of you and your friend. Carson looks a lot like my Molly, who passed away at 14 a few years ago. We were so sad to see her go.
I hope spring brings you energy and perhaps a willingness to give another pup a home(never a replacement, but a whole new relationship).

RuthieJ said...

I like that picture of you and Carson. It's nice to have those memories isn't it? It's almost a year now since we lost our old Daisy and there's still not a day that goes by and I don't miss her--after almost 15 years it's hard to lose your best friend.

Lantaw said...

Great view!

Ruth said...

I do notice my energy decreases late winter and late fall. I don't worry about these cycles knowing that they recur but do not last forever. The loss of a pet is really significant too.

Marites said...

Carson was beautiful. Your picture with him is really beautiful. I miss our dog that we recently lost too and you are so right, life goes on. Am sure, Carson is happy where he is now.

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