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Monday, January 12, 2009

Return from road trip to Quartzsite

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Harcuvar Mts, Arizona

Thursday I drove to Brenda to visit Karen, Jim, Linda and Charlie.

Sunset at 3 Dreamers RV Park Brenda, Arizona

Linda and Charlie have a motorhome that tows a cargo trailer that holds their little car. But when parked, the trailer becomes an awesome work shop. The girls have been busy making jewelry. (Click on FabGrandma to see) Yet they were ready to shop for more beads in Quartzsite.

Karen shopping for beads

So Friday we (minus Jim suffering with a cold) left early and walked and shopped for about six hours at Tyson Wells and Prospectors. We had so much fun and found many treasures.

My purchases

I restrained myself well as I have so much bead stock already. However the excitement was contagious. Jim’s cold might have also been contagious, or maybe it was the 35mph plus winds in the afternoon blowing dust up my nose. Either way by the end of the day I could barely breathe through my sore runny nose.

One of many rows of stalls at the Main Event, Quartzsite

Yet Saturday I found the energy to walk the Main Event’s rows of sellers with Ron, a friend living in Quartzsite. During January and February this town plays host to nonstop rock and craft shows and flea markets. There’s so much to see, and buy: rocks, salsa, gems, jewelry, junk, rocks, animal hides, jelly, collectibles of every kind, beads, gourds, rocks and...

My new and long looked for slippers, hand-made lambskin

Vicksburg flea market

Sunday after taking Ron out to breakfast for his birthday I went to Vicksburg flea market to visit Ed and Loretta. I’d also planned to return to Brenda before going home, but was feeling so lousy I called and cancelled. I’ll see them next week.

Sunset over the Harquahala Mts

Nice to be home in my own bed. And I believe staying in all day has improved my health. Only tomorrow can tell.


Anonymous said...

I have a cold too. waa :(

But it looks like you had a fun trip. It would be interesting to see some of those desert markets. Stacey would have a blast getting materials for crafty projects.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Looks like a wonderful trip with good friends, I would have been tempted by all those beads too! Fab piccies too.

George said...

I hope you're soon feeling better. It sounds as if you had a good visit (except for the cold) with your friends and you got some good purchases.

Karen said...

I had so much fun! And spent so much
$$$! Love the new shoesies, they're cute.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Love those slippers!! They look so comfy. You made some good prchases. I hope you are feeling better now. It looks like a good trip. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful adventure. I'm glad you found some treasures, they look beautiful. If Bernie and I do make it to Arizona in the next month or two, I look forward to the beautiful treasures that can be found in the southwest. And perhaps we will have the pleasure of meeting you, if you are still in the area. I hope you feel better soon, our house has been like a medical ward the last month or so, we just keep passing around the yuck. Glad you are all comfy in your own home/bed.

david mcmahon said...

Put your feet up. Take it easy. Hope you fell better. Great sky shots.

Thanks for the visit and the comment.

Swarna said...

Hope you feel better!
and your lambskin footwear look warm - are they comfortable also?

Reader Wil said...

Stunning photos! Thanks for taking us on your trip!

2sweetnsaxy said...

I wish I'd done more craft fairs. The ones I did were fun and the people selling were wonderful. That bead store looks like my kind of place. I haven't been bead shopping nor have I made any jewelry in a long time.

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