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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My World Tuesday - The gypsy life of a seasonal park ranger

Ocotillo in the Mojave desert

After a month of vacation in the desert (click here for that story) I returned to southwest Oregon in the spring to, you guessed it, lead cave tours at Oregon Caves National Monument.

View of the Siskyou Mountains, Oregon

I couldn’t park at the monument because a new headquarters building was being built where the only two RV spaces had been.

New headquarters building under construction

The first two months I parked on a friend’s property about four miles out of town.

Cave Creek campground

Then I became the camp host at Cave Creek campground only four miles from work. There are only 18 tent sites and I was never more than half full. I listened to the every changing babble of the water as the summer wore on and the water level dropped. Cold water as it comes out of the 42 degree cave.

My site at Cave Creek campground

Carson didn’t mind and would retrieve sticks for as long as I’d throw them.

Carson in Cave Creek

The summer season seemed to slip right by and before I knew it was time to.....(see next week’s My World for the continuing story.)

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Karen said...

You know how to keep us hanging!

George said...

Did you write the movie serials I saw as a kid? You certainly know how to keep us coming back! I enjoyed your pictures.

Louise said...

Very pretty, and the perfect place to spend summer, it seems!

Natural Moments said...

Stacey and I stayed at Cave Creek Campground for one night. I think it was even free, which I remembered being excited about.

Diane said...

Wow, Cave Creek campground looks so cool and green with all those trees. What a beautiful place to work!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

This looks like an ideal place to spend you time Gaelyn. I love places like it ..... especially when there are no people around. LOL!!

Dirk said...

You live an exciting life! Looking forward for more 'my world' stories.

Pernill@ said...

That is so beautifull.
Nice to come and visit your part of the world. :biggrin:
So completly different from mine.:

Kathiesbirds said...

Looks like you and carson were having fun.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Nice shot when did you take these?
I also read your bottom post of being in Q are there many people there this yr.? I have a few friends there, the last 3 yrs we spent there. Last yr was the longest. a whole month.

Susie of Arabia said...

There's a Cave Creek campground down in the Chiricahuas too. That's my old stomping grounds. I know I've said this before but - you are so lucky to live the life that you do!

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