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Friday, January 23, 2009

I did it!

So here’s the scenario
When I’m at the canyon on the plateau
I get DSL and am all aglow
But when in Yarnell there is no flow
Cause I’m on dial-up and it’s so slow
The speed is 52Kbps or below
When it drops to 7 I feel the deathblow
I prewrite my posts and get them ready to go
Push the button to make it show
Then I wait and watch my fingernails grow
Maybe I should take up playing the banjo
Only 15 more minutes to go
No way I dare to add video
How much must I undergo
So now I’ve lost patience, bravissimo
I figured it out and I have the dough
So bought a wireless modem with the click of an arrow
And come Tuesday should be the end of my woe
Of dealing with dial-up, which is slower than slow
I started this blog three hours ago

I signed up with Verizon for a free 5gb USB727 wireless modem, free activation & shipping for $59.99/mo. And when their service is unavailable—at Grand Canyon North Rim—the service goes on vacation and is added to the end of the 2-year contract. I sure hope this works while at my winter home and traveling.


Natural Moments said...

So, You got offered a job at the North Rim. Very Nice. How long will it last for?

With your Verizon package, how many minutes do you get a month for internet or do you get so many kbytes downloaded?

Natural Moments said...

P.S. I love the poem. I like the description of your having to watch your finger nails grow. :)

dAwN said...

I have had the Att broadband card for several years now and Love it...
i know how it is to be on the road with slow dial up type service...I am surprised u can even do your blog with such slow speeds..
you will love it..

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

So are you off to work at the GC?? Good luck with this new service, sounds like a good deal. Your desktop os lovely, hope you're doing okay without your buddy, I often think of you.

George said...

I hope your new service is as good as your poetry!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Congrats Gaelyn. I have found the wireless connection to be great since I started using mine.

I hope you are going to take me with to the N Rim. I loved it there. :)

Good peom too. I have never tried something like that as I cannot sling two words together. LOL!!

Sylvia K said...

Do love your poetry! I hope the service works well for you, I know how frustrating it can be, even if I can't put it as well as you do!

Karen said...

I have the Verizon 727 USb wireless card. I got mine in Flagstaff in October. They told me I can put it on vacation when I am at the North Rim because they know they don't provide service there.

If you get a wireless signal in Yarnell, it will be great! I love mine.

Great poem! an ode to dialup.

Mei (WireBlissMei) said...

Hi Gaelyn, I have awarded you the Lemonade award for your blog because it shows an attitude of gratitude, uplifting and has good content. Pick it up at:

Allen Farlow said...

You are not alone! I've been living on wheels for the past 20 years and wouldn't change a thing. I sell at flea markets full time and make a wonderful income, all in cash. (To learn more, go here: )

Those who live in boxes on foundations can only wonder how nice our lifestyles are. (They are VERY nice!)

Take care.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Good luck with the new set-up. Man, I do not miss those slow uploads.

Quiet Paths said...

Your verse made me smile! Very clever.

Susie of Arabia said...

Loved your poem! I can't imagine being on dial-up and blogging and uploading photos - what a pain!

disa said...


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