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Friday, January 30, 2009

Haircuts for all

Berta, Dolores, and I all went to Congress Beauty Salon for haircuts. Diana, owner and operator, is by far one of the best beauticians I’ve been to in many a year. You know how scary it can be to go to a beauty shop for the first time and walk out unhappy. Yes, I know, it’s only hair and it grows back. But who likes to walk around unhappy with how they look.

Dolores, Berta & Gaelyn before haircuts
Berta went first because she knew what she wanted while Dolores and I paged through some magazines for ideas.

Diana cutting Berta’s hair
Me next, and although it’s still long I feel at least three pounds lighter.

Seven inches cut off Gaelyn’s hair
Then Dolores, still not entirely sure what kind of cut to get, let Diana do her magic.

Dolores & Diana
We all looked so beautiful, we took ourselves to lunch.

Dolores, Berta & Gaelyn after haircuts
And what did all this beauty cost us? $10 each.


Amanda said...

3 gorgeous girls you are!! I am going to do the same thing in a couple of weeks. My hair is too long for my age, it just looks awful. Not going short but maybe shoulder-length.

Diane C. said...

This is a really cute story. I like the before, during and after pictures. My hair is long for my age, maybe one of these days...

Karen said...

Gaelyn, the three of you look Fabulous! I love the length of yours, and can't wait until mine gets that long.

Amanda and Diane: There is no such thing as "too long for your age". You get to wear your hair any length you want it to be.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Ah!! Three lovely ladies after a bit of pampering. We all owe this to ourselves and lunch after is a great idea.

dAwN said...

I think all three hairstyle came out lovely..and ten dollars...Wow

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Wonderful and what a cute beauty shop too.

RuthieJ said...

Lookin' good Ladies!
And $10 is a heckuva good deal for a haircut these days too.

Susie of Arabia said...

Thank you for sharing this intimate event with us! So cute! I think you all look great - before , during AND after! I had my hair short for years, but I have grown it out since we moved here because I have to cover it. If I had bands and it were short, it would drive me crazy under a scarf. So now I just wear it in a pony tail. I'd love to have it short again...

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