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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nature's Story

Berta called me this morning and said very softly, “I’m holding a baby pig.” What?

I rushed over with the camera. The baby javelina is about the size of a loaf of bread, and adorable. It seemed content in Berta’s arms, closing its eyes as if to say, “finally warm.”

Four adult javelinas had found their way in and out of the still not quite fenced side yard. (click here for that story) Then she heard the baby crying. It’s pitiful, I heard it later. She waited for the adults to come back, but they didn’t, and the baby kept crying. So she grabbed a blanket and scooped it up.

Wasn’t long before the “family” made their way back to the freshly spread bird seed inside the fence. So Berta set the baby in blanket down outside her door. It eventually wobbled itself over to the adults trying to suckle and rub on all of them. They were patient and tolerant, even a little attentive, yet were also absorbed in snuffling up as much seed as the banquet would provide.

In fact they stayed for hours finishing up the feast. It is Christmas after all.

There is something wrong with the baby javelina’s back legs and it appears weak. Very small to be trying to keep up with the pack in cold weather. I suppose if you can’t keep up then you don’t survive.

We talked about what would be best to do and ultimately decided that nature would take its course. Later in the day we found the baby dead. Berta wrapped it in the blanket and I took it to the wash where it can go back to the earth.


Karen said...

Many people don't understand the survival of the fittest rules of nature, but this is exactly what happened here. You two were kind to that baby, though.

Amanda said...

The Circle of Life really sucks sometimes. I am glad you warmed the baby up and then gave him back to his world.

Anonymous said...

That's so great & I love the picture of Berta. Would you send it to me. Love & later

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Reading your profile made me think "Now here is a woman after my own heart". I was a tour guide too for over 22 years, taking people to our wildlife reserves. I lived much like you except mine was a full time job as we do not have bad snow storms here. I loved every minute of it, working 12-18 hours a day, 365 days a year and would not give up that life for anything. However, the powers that be decided that I was now getting too long in the tooth and I found myself back in "civilization" working 9-5, 5 days a week. I HATE IT!! Luckily I do not live far away from a game reserve and can visit there often. The only thing is, I miss being able to tell people all the interesting things there is to know about the animals.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Joan

Natural Moments said...

I enjoyed reading your story and was thinking it might have a different ending, but this was the story that unfolded this time around. There is definitely something to learn in any situation. You will always remember the baby and through you I will remember the baby and how it effected our lives.

Judith said...

yes it's the survival of the fitness - 'The circle of life' thanks for sharing the story with us and the photos are endearing. much love Judith

I am following you as I found your blog so interesting.

Lawstude said...

a very heartfelt story. anyways, have a blessed christmas to you and your love ones... from my islands to yours.

Mei (WireBliss) said...

Gaelyn, wonderful thing you have done and wishing you all the best this Christmas! :)

George said...

What an interesting story with great photos. I know it was hard, but I think you did the right think with the baby.
Merry Christmas. said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS - My dear friend
You have no idea how wonderful you are, guess that is part of the wonderful you. We will share the memory of this beautiful creature, and so so many others - We dance well together.

Susie of Arabia said...

I love the javelina photos. Thanks so much. It's sad about the baby, but that is the way of nature and we are just here for the ride...

rosadimaggio said...

Bellissimo !!!

Max-e said...

Hi, I came to look at the sky and got caught up with the pigs. I guess we just need to let nature take its course in these circumstances. Saw this with an injured wildebeest calf once. The mother was torn between staying with the calf and following the herd. Eventually the herd instinct was stronger than the mother instinct and she left the calf behind.
It was not long before the calf was killed by predators. That is life in the wilds I suppose - no room for compassion - just survival.

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