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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moving my home down the road & off the rim

Packed all day Saturday. After six months parked the RV was cluttered with dust collectors, mostly rocks and a lot of books. Also had to load the truck with outdoor carpet, plywood table tops that double as skirting, metal table legs left over from the fleamarketing days, and lots of boards used for jacks and leveling that went in last thing Sunday morning. I was tired, yet reminded myself that it’s easier than moving out of a house or apartment. If I had more space I’d have more stuff.

In the evening I went over to Shirley’s RV to finish the jewelry and bead trade we’ve been working on all summer. At first I still owed her money, but then I showed her some of my wire-wrapped gemstones and earvines. Ended up she owed me. Plus Carol came by and bought two pairs of earvines. So I came away ahead and with some beautiful new jewelry. My motto: A woman can never have too much jewelry.

Sunday morning I finished the final packing and battening down so nothing goes flying. My little freezer has to sit in the living room so there isn’t much floor space. Or should I say less than usual.
It was interesting and surprisingly easy lifting the 5th-wheel with a 12-ton bottle jack on one side and cranking on the other. One jack quit working when I pulled in last spring. Just one more thing that’s broken on my antique RV. (It’s a 26’, 1977 Wilderness that doesn’t leak.) I even pulled it out from a tight space sliding between the pine trees without bumping anything. Of course I had people on either side watching.

Then I went to Administration for my final evaluation with my boss and fully achieved. So, if there’s money in the budget I can go back next summer. I’ll certainly apply at other parks just to make sure I have a job. But I want to work at Grand Canyon again.

Finally hit the road just after noon. Hard to say goodbye. I stopped at Cliff Dwellers for my last lunch there for the season. Delicious as usual. And stopped for the night at the Cameron Trading Post where I had a leaky water faucet and Carson had red mud feet. Was going to go over for a Navajo Taco for dinner but felt too tired after watching the sunset. Not parked close enough for WIFI.

After breakfast at the trading post I got on the road then stopped in Flagstaff for groceries and back on the road. Went to the Prescott MVD and after the RV inspection received a new AZ plate. Now I’m completely an Arizonan. When I pulled into my Yarnell driveway it sure felt nice to be home, even still hooked up to the truck for the night.

Yesterday I parked the RV with views in mind, sunrise, birdfeeder that hangs in the big oak and sunset. I have my priorities and take advantage of my house on wheels. Took most of the day to get all utilities set up, truck empty and house partially rearranged. Home sweet home.

Today, I finally got to relax. Did a little cleaning, put up the TV antenna, and mostly visited with my neighbor/landlady/friend.


Karen said...

All of this sounds very familiar to me, hahaha. I spent the day yesterday cleaning out closets, drawers, cabinets. Today I did all the laundry, borrowed a vacuum cleaner from admin, and vacuumed for over an hour in my little place. But, I took advantage of free laundry facilities and a good vacuum cleaner

Tomorrow Jim will do all the outdoor stuff, so we can leave in time to have one last breakfast at Jacob Lake on our way out on Friday. It's all part of the life of a seasonal worker, I guess.

Mei (WireBliss) said...

Hi! My name is Mei. I stumbled upon your blog and found that you have such interesting lifestyle. I have listed your blog into my blog list so that I will know when you have new posting :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your safely back to Yarnell.

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