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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Kanab Queens of coffee saved me

Double almond mocha breve, please.

Am I the only one who likes an almond mocha breve to start the day? I didn’t drink coffee until my 30s. Believe me, I tried. I’d doctor that black coffee shop tar with half a cup of cream and more and more sugar, but to no avail. It tasted terrible, upset my stomach and gave me the shakes. Then someone introduced me to “lattes,” almond mocha in fact, and I was hooked. Yet spending—at that time--$3 per day on coffee seemed absurd. Of course I did live in Seattle, the coffee drinking capital of America. But even then, it was adding up. So I bought my first espresso machine and ever since it’s become a morning ritual.

I bought my preferred almond flavored syrup at grocery stores or even Starbucks for many years. When I first moved to Arizona it wasn’t always easy to find. But eventually espresso came south. Now all I can find in grocery stores is vanilla and hazelnut, not to my taste. Even Starbucks has discontinued almond, sometimes called “orgeat.” I bought the last bottle in Page over a month ago. Yes, I have found it online. Yet I leave the canyon next week and there’s no time. This is an emergency!

My first stop in Kanab was Laid-Back Larry’s Coffee and Smoothie Desert Bar. I didn’t need to drink any more coffee—once a day is enough—but asked if they sold bottles of the flavored syrups. Only if they have extra, and they did, in my flavor.

So, sisters Valerie and Laureen, joint owners of Laid-Back Larry’s, saved me.

Thank you so much ladies!


Karen said...

I love Kanab--the people who live there are so nice, AND you can find almost anything you need. And that is surprising since it is such a small town.

Anonymous said...

Still not into Lattes but I did break down and buy a Mr Coffee at least.

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