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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Glow In - Skywatch Friday

Glow In - Dolores, CO 2005

During 2005 I worked at Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado. A little north of the park lays the small community of Dolores that hosted a hot-air balloon festival, which I missed during the day due to working. But at night, the balloons glowed. Unfortunately, bad weather with high wind was moving in so this is the only balloon that filled, and not for long.

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Gill - That British Woman said...

that is a great photo, its a shame they couldn't get the balloon in the air that day.

Gill in Canada

antcreations said...

very nice contrast of colors.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Great shot and so beautiful that it glows like that

Deborah Godin said...

That is totally stunning. I always love to see balloons sailing along in the bright sky, but now I think I like them like this better!

babooshka said...

A great ball of fire.

Louise said...

Still a nice shot! Our town hosts the world's largest balloon festival each year. This year, at least 3 weekend events were canceled due to weather. (3 of the 4 weekend days the morning evenings canceled. I was out-of-town, so I'm not sure about the glows.) It seems the weather just doesn't like to cooperate at times like this!

Mary said...

Beautiful photo! You captured that one with a great sky behind it!

Arija said...

Surely that is the great pumpkin in the sky? Great shot!

Naturegirl said...

Love AZ! Spend my winters in Scottsdale and post about my impressions.
I was up early enough in Sedona to see the golden glow of Balloons at sunrise!
How I remember the scene in your header image!sigh
A sky watch traveller!

Jack and Joann said...

Jack and I lived in Arizona for five years and Jack's mom used to live in Bowie, Arizona in Cochise County which is bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Lots of land to explore in your RV.
Nice photo to remind us of The Grand Canyon state.

Patty said...

Great shot. This is my first time on your blog (I think) but I have been reading some back post and really enjoy it. I am adding you to my bloglines feeds so I can come back as you update.
Happy Sky Watch Friday and Happy Halloween to you.

Movie Snap Studio said...

Very nice glow but I think your life story is much brighter! I enjoyed reading your profile. :)

Susie of Arabia said...

Love this photo! What an interesting life you lead! You are doing what many others would really love to do but don't or can't - Good for You!
Best Wishes!

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